C. S. Cagas Men & Women's Custom Suits, Shirts, and Shoes


C.S. Cagas ensures luxury and quality when it comes to our menswear, from the suit itself all the way down to the accessories. A stylish suit is never complete without the small eye catching details.

Custom Pocket Squares

At C.S. Cagas, we know that it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impression. Pocket squares are no exception. Any sharp dresser knows the impact an accommodating pocket square has on any suit. While promoting an elegant touch to any classic look, they are a quick way to change up the appearance of any suit. Easy to change from one pocket square to another, it is astonishing how much influence this little cloth has on the ambiance of your whole look. With a wide variety of fabrics and patterns to choose from, we have the perfect range for any man looking to go the extra mile.






Custom Socks

Socks are more often than not always overlooked when it comes to putting an outfit together. In fact, a quality sock is detrimental to any man sporting formalwear attire. No matter how stylish and comfortable your custom C.S. Cagas menswear suit is, you will not feel comfortable if your feet aren’t. A well-made sock allows for optimal comfort throughout the day, ensuring those body-busy men have a great time wherever they may be.

Not only do socks dictate your comfort level, they also play a role in the overall appeal of the suit. Socks might be tucked away and unseen, but then do however tend to peek through when you are sitting down. While socks might not elevate your overall look, they do have the potential to impact it negatively. Socks are supposed to generally stay unseen, but when they are visible, you want it to be as easy as possible for people to pretend that they aren’t. The rule of thumb is to have your socks match your trousers. At C.S. Cagas, we have a wide variety of quality socks to match any trouser color of your choosing. All socks are 100% cotton.

Custom Cufflinks

Many will argue that the cufflinks are what makes the suit. Fortunately C.S. Cagas has you covered with a wide range to choose from. We offer cufflinks with various types of medals, stones, designs, colors, and sizes. We have cufflinks that accommodate any suit for any occasion. Let your personality peek through on your wrist.

Custom Ties

Ties are an essential component to pull any menswear ensemble together. Neck ties and bow ties allow for a classic way to incorporate color and dimension to any suit. We have a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. We offer various types of ties, including neck ties, bow ties, clip on ties, and skinny ties. At C.S. Cagas, we demonstrate different types of knots that can better suit your specific style.


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