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Essential to any sharp dresser’s wardrobe, a quality dress shirt is a staple piece for any man. While being worn underneath a suit jacket or simply standing out on its own, quality dress shirts are key components to standing out from the crowd. With many customizable aspects to our dress shirts, C.S. Cagas always delivers quality garments without ever sacrificing the comfort of the garment. Dressed with style and confidence with a side of comfort, our dress shirts are ideal for long days and for all occasions.

You can receive your custom dress shirt almost as quick as it took you to customize it. With a general waiting period of one to three weeks, depending on your specific garment requests, our C.S. Cagas dress shirts have a faster fabrication time than many of our other custom menswear pieces. This time efficient period allows for a quicker delivery time all while still maintaining the superb quality you would normally get with our other C.S. Cagas custom pieces.

Custom Fit

To ensure the perfect fit for your custom dress shirt, we take over 25 measurements of your torso, neck, and arms. Our dress shirts are fitted for your size as well as your style. All of our men’s dress shirts are crafted to your precise specifications for the look you are ultimately trying to achieve. Our garments are designed by you for you, so they’ll never fail to impress. Discover how custom dress shirts can be an important staple piece to your wardrobe.

Quality Fabrics and Personal Style

C.S. Cagas custom men dress shirts are made right here in the local New Jersey area. Made of the finest Italian, Swiss, and domestic cottons, we offer more than 3,000 top of the line fabrics and patterns to choose from, each fabric having their own distinct weave and yarn size and thickness. We also offer dress shirts with wrinkle resistant fabrics.

Shirts don’t all come in one standard shape. C.S. Cagas dress shirts are customizable in every aspect. You can control aspects of the dress shirt such as the front placket style and yoke style, and the pleating, all giving very different looks to the shirt. You also have the option of selecting distinctive details of the dress shirt, some of which include the collar styles, cuff styles, button shape and placing, pockets, contrasting fabric details, and customizable monograms and logos.

Precise Construction

We take the garment construction process very seriously here at C.S. Cagas. Our construction methods combine sophisticated detailing with traditional tailoring methods that never fail to impress. All of our tailoring is done by hand by our expert tailors, never by machines. While machines can produce a garment in the fraction of the time, they can never produce a garment customized to you specifically with your needs in mind. Our tailors have exactly what you like in mind, so they are able to tweak the garment to your liking during the construction process. This is a crucial element to any customizable garment.


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