C. S. Cagas Men & Women's Custom Suits, Shirts, and Shoes


Nothing compares to the bold statement a well-dressed man makes when he’s sporting a tailored suit. Some things will never go out of style- an aesthetic suit being one of them!

Timeless pieces and custom menswear has the potential to elevate even the most ordinary man into a man with confidence and swagger. From the suit, to the necktie and the slacks, all the way down to the socks and the shoes, custom menswear is an essential part to any man’s wardrobe. The style of our custom garments are aesthetically pleasing without ever sacrificing the comfort or quality.

Here at C.S. Cagas, we embrace the craftsmanship that goes into producing a quality custom garment. A hand crafted garment fits the body like no other suit ever will. It ideally hugs the contours of the body while smartly releasing in others. This differs from traditional off the rack suits that you pick out at department stores. Yes, department store suits are convenient in the fact that they’re quick to pick out, but they’ll never do your body the justice a custom fit suit ever will. All in all, a custom piece from C.S. Cagas will be the best garment you will ever wear.


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