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A perfect fit and great quality are what define a custom C.S. Cagas custom suit. We embrace the craftsmanship that goes into producing a quality custom suit. Our handcrafted menswear ideally hugs the contours of the body while smarty releasing in others. This differs from traditional off the rack suits that you pick out at department stores. Yes, department store suits are convenient in the fact that they’re quick to pick out, but they’ll never do your body the justice a custom fit suit ever will. C.S. Cagas suits will exceed every other suit you’ve ever owned.

Our custom suits focus on three elements: the fit, the details, and the quality. Out fitting process is very meticulous, having over 20 different measurements to ensure the ideal fit is achieved. We offer nothing less than the highest quality fabrics for out suits. Quality fabric and handcrafted tailoring ensures a quality product.

The Perfect Fit

Custom suits are made specifically for you and only you. With over 20 measurements for the suit jacket alone, our measurement process will guarantee that your custom piece fits comfortably snug to the contours of your body. This differs greatly from suits that you pick out at department stores. While department off the rack suits can save you time, they certainly will never give you that perfect fit all men look for in their formalwear.

Here at C.S. Cagas, we understand that bodies change from day to day. Every custom piece you get from us will require the same precision and measurement that you received from the last process. Bodies change, and custom suiting is all about getting the fit right.

Small Details, Big Impression

The smallest of details are what make any suit come to life. From the type of fabric, the pattern, and the very accessories you choose to accessorize with, your final suit will have you strutting with a sense of sharpness and swagger. The smallest details are what make the bigger picture, something a department store suit cannot offer you.

The details are all chosen based off of your personal preferences. When buying one of our custom suits, you will have the ability to choose from specifics like the type of fabric, the inside lining, the collar color, suit buttons, pocket styles, and more. You will have full control of the aesthetic appeal of the suit as well as the comfort level it provides. For example, you will have the ability to choose from various types of inside suit linings, perfect for whether you’ll be sporting your suit during a hot summer day or during the chilly winter season. Whatever your personal preferences may be, rest assured that the final suit will be exactly what you had envisioned.

Custom Quality

Providing our customers will custom quality is nothing new to us here at C.S. Cagas. We ensure quality in our fabrics as well as our service. All of our tailoring is done by hand by our expert tailors, never by machines. While machines can produce a garment in the fraction of the time, they can never produce a garment customized to you specifically with your needs in mind. Our tailors understands you and what makes a suit stand out from all the rest, and we do it with quality materials. We also pride ourselves on providing quality service. Here at C.S. Cagas, we listen to all your personalized requests and we make them come to life. We enjoy working with you and for you to guarantee you receive your ideal suit.


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